A long day has come to a close. You gently set your 10a human hair wigs on your wig stand to store it for the evening after removing it. You then notice a tangle. not any tangle at all. This tangle might be the greatest in existence. You hastily gather your comb and style supplies and begin.

Let’s go back. Is it possible to combat the tangle right away? Wigs can tangle, just like real hair does. In reality, wigs can occasionally tangle more easily than natural hair because they lack the scalp’s natural oils. These oils act as a kind of all-natural conditioner that guards against knots and tangles. Anyone can attest that it is not failsafe, but those oils do help. Your wigs require your assistance to avoid tangling because they lack these oils.

It’s crucial to properly care for your wig. A beloved wig lasts a very long time. Actually, protecting your money is the main goal. Tangles can harm your wig, but with the right care, they can be minimized!

Spread your fingers and insert your palm into the wig’s crown to apply conditioner. Spray three to four times into the air, then use your wig to gently wave through the mist. Brush, comb, or style with your fingers. Before using or storing your wig, let it aside to air dry.

Detangling Method #1

a. Saturate any moisturizing hair conditioner in full on the lace front wig. Make careful to properly distribute the conditioner from roots to tips. The drenched wig should be sealed in a plastic bag the size of a gallon. Allow the conditioner to penetrate for two hours.

b. Use your fingers to thoroughly remove all of the conditioner as you rinse it off with warm water. Place the wig on a wig stand after gently blotting it with a cloth (do not rub it). Let the air dry.

c. Position your wig on a wig head for maximum results.

Holding the Magic Mixture spray bottle 6 to 8 inches away from the wig, spray 1 to 2 times straight onto the tangled area, depending on how heavily twisted your wig is. You might need to repeat this procedure and apply extra sprays for tougher tangles.

d. Gently begin detangling with a small, wig brush or fine-tooth comb, beginning at the bottom border and moving upward in little increments toward the crown.

e. Comb or brush the hair above your fingertips (usually, your forefinger and middle finger are perfect for this process). This gives you greater control over the detangling process and avoids breakage and hair loss from the wig.

f. Working on sections that are between one and two inches wide at once is recommended. Although it may seem like a laborious method, detangling a wig quickly and safely may be accomplished with this method.

g. After detangling, place your wig on a set of rollers and let it air dry.

h. When it’s time to style, take out the rollers, hold The Magic Mixture 8 to 10 inches away from the wig, spray once or twice, and gently shake to loosen curls.

i. Gently brush all of the curls over your fingers with a wig brush (not a regular brush or one with plastic bristles) to break the set, and then style as usual.

j. Before putting on your wig, you can hold your style with a light spray of The Magic Mixture. Prior to donning, make sure your wig is totally dry.

Tangles can still occur even with the greatest amount of care, just like they would with natural hair. To ensure that you maintain your stunning appearance all day, you should take care to prevent as many knots and tangles as you can.

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